Beyond Academics - Extra Curricular and Entrepreneurial Skills

Beyond academics we have various clubs that allow the students to develop in other aspects tailored to their individual interests. There are over ten clubs and societies running out of which students must belong to at least two. These include: Animation & Robotics, Debate Society, STEM club, Drama/Film club, Press club, Home Makers, Math club, French club, Music club, Bead Making, Creative Arts etc.

Topics and activities are carefully selected weekly and serve, as a hub for meeting people of like minds and it is a way of developing further the interests of students in activities that best suit their personalities. At our school, we lay a lot of emphasis on our extra-curricular programme as we firmly believe this greatly enriches and broadens the educational opportunities open to our students.

For our students in the senior school from Year 10-12, we encourage them to be more active in leading and creating their own clubs and societies through entrepreneurial skills acquisition programs depending on their interests. A project leader is appointed every session from the students to teach the younger students and raise funds for their clubs and societies.

Life skills training: We run a range of Life Skills programme for students in Years 7 - 12 . This program started to provide and improve our students' important and transferable life skills which will be useful to them beyond their school life at Queensland.
For us, we realize that Universities and employers are increasingly taking academic qualifications as a standard and are looking for the 'extras' beyond this for what else individuals can do in other qualifications, life skills, and competence.
This course is tailored to help our students specifically develop a range of these valuable skills that will help them stand out and compete in the future job market. Some of these courses include: Photography, Journalism, Public speaking, First Aid, Sports, Tie & Dye /Bleaching, Ceramics, Communication, Sports leadership, French & Languages