Pastoral Care & Mentoring Programme

Pastoral care is one of the major strengths we pride ourselves at Queensland Academy. For us, Discipline and moral conduct is taken very seriously. Operating guidelines governing running of the school require parents, all levels of staff and student to confirm to a strict Code of Ethics.

These are done to keep with the schools mission to not only achieve academic excellence, but also nurture children to take their place in life as honest, cultured boys and girls, having exemplary integrity and capable of holding leadership positions in whichever society they find themselves.

Our approach is student- centered and our staff all work to ensure that they know each student well in order to tailor support and guidance needed. We make transitioning into high school easy for all boys and girls coming in by setting expectations for every child and in their behavioral challenges as they transition from adolescents.

This is unique to us at Queensland Academy and we meet this need through our well-structured mentoring program geared towards the development of a sound mind and a total child: self-discipline, independent learning and co-operation. Each class tutor typically has six to eight students to work with each session to monitor academic progress, oversee pastoral support and encourage their students.

During mentor time weekly, each class tutor is able to discuss academic progress, wellbeing and any concerns a student might have, as well as interests and level of participation in extra-curricular activities at school. Weekly mentoring reports are supported by senior management staff to discuss any issues that involves the school management to look into as quickly as possible. Our mentoring program is also extended to alumni-student mentoring programs which is especially relevant for our Year 11 & 12 students to help them discuss academic work, and plans for university and future careers.

We lay a lot of importance on this to bring in our alumni who have made a remarkable statement in their various professional backgrounds as volunteers to mentor and guide our existing Year 11 & 12 students on their experiences and how best they can mature into taking responsibility for their learning and future careers.