At the Primary school level, we place emphasis in providing an enabling environment to raise the total child whereby they can integrate properly after primary education into Senior School. Pupils are exposed to a rich and inspiring curriculum running from year 1 to year 6 level and enables every child fulfill their potential to the highest possible standard.

Learning for us is exciting, creative, interesting and fun and the diverse needs of children are cared for in the form of one-to- one interactions, the input of expertise and the provision of adequate resources, equipment and very experienced teaching and non-teaching staff.

Our happy child - happy teacher initiative helps our children with an open mind to learn all the exciting things and subjects taught at school. This is why our school atmosphere is welcoming, energetic and with a high ethos for excellent moral standards.

At Queensland, it is very vital that parents play a crucial role in helping and supporting their child's education, that is, paying school fees and other dues as and when due, ensuring that your child has all necessary equipment needed and monitoring home assignments.