Victoria Okudoh

  • BSc. Chemical Engineering
    Contract Manufacturing
  • Project Manager, DuPont
In her own words

The strong work ethic and well roundedness that QLA built in me years ago has made me who I am today. Regardless of me being very studious, my tutors ensured I was thoroughly engaged in several extra-curricular programs: I was simultaneously involved in cultural dance, drama, music, fine art, student leadership and STEM club, to name a few.

Now, I’m not comfortable with “normal” as I strive to keep pushing boundaries. I was able to withstand the rigors at Georgia Tech, one of the most academically challenging colleges in the US whilst leading several mentoring, women empowerment initiatives, tutoring and gaining work experience in Chemical Engineering.
I eventually transitioned into a full-time role at DuPont where I’m using my engineering skills to drive successful manufacturing operations in our North America business – strong work ethic and versatility got me here!

Naomi Tiwalade Akanbi

  • BSc. and MSc. Chemical Engineering
In her own words

I graduated from QLA in 2008. Since, I have furthered my education attaining a masters in
chemical engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. My love for mathematics which I developed in QLA (thanks Mrs. Bada for the constant attention) led me down the path of engineering. The responsibility of being head prefect, living in boarding school and managing a broad educational workload enabled me to develop leadership skills, competitive spirit, discipline, social etiquette and drive for success.


Currently I am a process manufacturing operations engineer at Intel where 10 billion transistors are produced every second. I have held multiple positions and received departmental divisional awards and recognition from the company over the last 5.5 years for my contribution to manufacturing semi-conductor chips with groundbreaking technology. My approach to work includes being disciplined, decisive, working smart, fostering relationships, being fearless with sharing my ideas and constant self improvement. I am grateful for all these skills I learnt during my formative years at Queensland Academy that has helped in my career and personal life.

Josephine Okudoh

  • BSc. Political Economy, University of California Berkeley
  • Lead Deal Desk Strategist, LinkedIn
In her own words

Mrs Uwuilekwe

  • Parent
In her own words

QLA is a school very dear to me. My journey with the school began in the year 2009. I relocated from Lagos Island to Okota and I wanted to enrol my children in the best school around and 90% of the people I consulted recommended QLA. What stood out for me was the very keen interest the school had towards the all round growth of every student and the adoption of international standards in their general curriculum. At a point I decided to test the watersin another school but I made a swift U- turn because the difference in standards was quite obvious. The high moral standards instilled in the students is also another reason I would always recommend QLA. QLA also exposes her students to studying opportunities globally for their A levels and undergraduate studies. My daughter graduated with a very good WASC result and currently studying medicine in Barbados. My son is in his final year. My journey with QLA has been a great one and I would easily recommend the school to any parent seeking a school that will groom an academically and socially well grounded child.
Thank you QLA.God bless you all.