Benefit of Queensland Academy

Our school is determined to raise a generation of students who are well-rounded and meticulously mentored to face global challenges. We do not just prepare students for good grades but we ensure that they develop the skills that guarantee success in life. Hence, we run a vibrant personal development programme that develops your child’s social, leadership and survival skills as well as their emotional intelligence. Some of these programmes include;


  • Life Skills Training: Enviable Blue Badge at the Sea School: Citizens Training Leadership Career.
  • The Duke of Edinburg International Award (DOE)
  • The African Leadership Academy (ALA)


At Queensland we are steered towards developing latent skills and potentials in our students. To achieve this we partner with Junior Achievement Nigeria and the Lagos Business School.

Junior Achievement: We run a vibrant entrepreneurial programme that aims at helping every child turn his/her passion into profit.

Internship Programmes: With our internship programmes, our Year 12 students are exposed to the experience of a work place that relates to their passions and future career.


  • The United World Colleges Scholarship Award programme (UWC)
  • Parliamentary Debate World Congress Tokyo, Japan (The only African school representative at the 1st Parliamentary Debate World Congress. 2016. Tokyo, Japan)


A wide range of sport activities are offered by the school including games like:

  • Basketball, Volleyball, Football.
  • Table tennis
  • Swimming
  • Athletics.
Students are trained by professional coaches to exhibit their skills in their areas of interest. The right facilities have been provided and are well utilized by the students during the sport periods. The strength of our sports department is reflected through the number of laurels and awards won at different competitions and meets. Boarding house students engage in more sporting activities during the weekends.


We uphold the tenets of "no child left behind", hence, we design tailored tutorials to meet the need of each child and support their ability to learn. This helps us to discover students with learning difficulties on time and be able to provide the necessary support and encouragement. The purpose is to lay a solid foundation for every child.


We believe that learning is not confined to the classroom alone, hence we offer a wide range of activities designed to ensure the development of well-balanced personalities. Our co-curricular activities suit the interests of every student and place importance in encouraging participation in these activities.

Our clubs and societies' portfolio include:

  • Debating, Press, Public Speaking
  • Young Engineers, Robotics
  • Green Fingers
  • Photography
  • Performing Arts (Music, Dance and Drama)
  • Home Makers, Catering
  • French clubs.

Each student belongs to and participates actively in at least one of these clubs.