School Overview


School Overview

Breeding excellence & royalty via resourceful education.

The practice of our core values has earned us a culture defined by aesthetic excellence, diligence in service, honouring others through courtesy, using tenacity, developing creativity to innovate, disrupt, and win. These are the templates of discipline we ride on. These traits are wired into the wind that greets you upon stepping into our gates and from the moment you engage with anyone in our space.

In the pursuit of excellence and reliability we use diligence consistently and seamlessly. The result is uncommon battles with stakeholders, especially parents who indulge and over-indulge their children. Dwindling societal morals and ethics have made us stand in the place of integrity, even at the expense of losing patronage. We realise that paying a price or many prices lead to earning many great prizes. This has been our practice over the past three decades, and define us from our essence.

 The culture of excellence is earned through discovery, development and delivery of sterling qualities driven by subscribing to values enunciated and lived. This is the lifestyle for us at Queensland. Maintaining these has kept us constantly sowing and nurturing, in the faith that sees a future better and brighter than the present.

Embracing such challenges has wired longevity of productivity into our operational DNA making us one with growth, consistency, and constantly inching towards our vision attainment as we do hard things.

Adenike Akinyelure

Education Development Director

Adenike Lilian Akinyelure, an accomplished educator, is the visionary and Education Development Director of Queensland Academy, an international co-education nursery, primary, and secondary school, that caters to the discovery, development, and delivery through service oriented values inculcated today for a result-oriented future of excellence.

Adenike Lilian Akinyelure hails from Ilesha, Osun State of western Nigeria. She is a graduate of Guidance and Counselling of the University of Ado-Ekiti, and has taken advantage of sundry training and skills development engagements at home and abroad.

As a definite chief aim and life purpose, Adenike Lilian Akinyelure invests passion to see that through vehicle of resourceful education, children are empowered to make a difference in their space.

These personal and professional goals have consistently been transmuted to her other business interests, faith based activities, and philanthropy. She serves on the board of different companies with interests in real estate, construction, and social services. Adenike Lilian has served as chair of harvest committee of the Church of Pentecost, for over three years, chair of the board of Archbishop Adetiloye Schools, Festac, and currently chairs the board of Lagos Anglican Schools Management Board. She is the bishop’s appointee on education at the Diocese of Lagos West, Anglican Communion, and has served as a member of the Synod Committee for nine years. These appointments are informed by her antecedents, the result of timeless values and culture of discipline, resourcefulness, integrity, honesty, and the tireless passion to serve without seeking personal rewards.

Adenike Lilian is a philanthropist of manifold proportions. Her sponsorship of children who are not able to afford quality education is a passion she has served for over four decades, and has sustained till date. Philanthropy is more a calling than otherwise.

A mother of six accomplished children-3 males and 3 females, raised under her watchful eyes and supervision, despite other roles jostling for her attention, she finds fulfilment doing the same for other children today as she has in the past over three decades. She has used her experience to stand in the gap for challenged children and families.

Adenike is widely travelled, loves exercising, supporting great causes that hinge on propriety, highly aesthetic, and fastidious, essentially paying attention to details with a relentless drive for continuous improvement.


Folakemi Okunoren

Supervising Director

She is an Engineer and Educationist with 8+ years in the healthcare and petrochemicals industry. She graduated from the University College London with a Master’s degree in Biochemical and Chemical Engineering. Her passion for education led her to further pursue a degree in Education with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Lagos. She is currently involved in various associations – Global Partnerships for Education(GPE), an active member of The Association of Private Educators in Nigeria (a committee member of the annual conference), COBIS( Council of British International schools). 

She also has a passion for Alternative Healthcare and is the Director of SoWell Institute (a research and development institute in partnership with the Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board; Ministry of Health).


Joseph Ayeni

Leadership/Management Advisor

Ayeni Joseph is an educator-mentor, trainer, and business consultant with a career that has spanned over two decades in the learning and value space. Currently the principal consultant, Cerebral-Thrust Services, a human mind development and business consulting outfit, in Lagos, Joseph also supports Queensland Academy’s visionary, management, and teachers in its programmes, staff development, monitoring operations, and maximising growth.

Joseph studied at the University of Benin for his first degree, and the University of Lagos for his post graduate. He earned certifications on Essentials of non-profit strategy, Global social entrepreneurship, and Leadership: 10 rules for impact & meaning, from Philanthropy University/Berkley Haas School of Business, University of California [online].

Joseph’s definite chief aim and life purpose is to ensure the rethinking of education along the lines of discovery of talents/gifts, development of skills in alignment with said gifts, inculcating the mentality of service in young learners, and the constant push for excellence in their chosen endeavours. Joseph sees this as one key solution to the myriad of problems in the society. If we can get education right, we can solve many other problems.

Joseph Ayeni is a self-published author of four books: Ascents & Descents: A Compilation of 39 Articles on Sundry Topics, Leadership Anatomy, Service and Profitability: Thoughts for discovering and sustaining business oasis, Demystifying Common Business Ideologies: Making elusive organizational beliefs lucid, and Thoughts That Matter: An antidote to misdirection, all of which sell on Amazon.

Joseph’s hobbies are reading, researching, and writing. He maintains a blog and podcasts on different platforms where he shares insights and thoughts on life, leadership, productivity, awareness, parenting, and more. Joseph loves observing nature constantly.   



Ifeyinwa Gideon

Head Of Primary School

Head of Primary School


Elad Charles

Management Support Officer

Mr Elad Charles owns a degree in French Studies with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

He has over 15 years of experience in school management and support. He is at present, the Management Support Officer of Queensland Academy.

He has shown overtime that he is an individual with exemplary character through self motivation, creativity, participating in and coordinating different programmes within the institution.