Musical Concert 2018

Queensland Academy, Okota, held its Christmas Musical Concert at the school premises with the theme: “Christ Our Real Essense (CORE).” 

Parents, guardians and guests were thrilled as children showed their music talents.

One of the organisers of the event, Mrs. Olayinka Obanla, said the aim of the concert is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and show gratitude to God for all the good things He had done.


“We believe in inculcating the right values into children and helping them to discover their talents. Queensland Academy is a religious-tolerant school. Music brings people together and helps to foster peace and unity. Children are trained to be their best,” she said.

Also, the Chief Co-ordinator, Mr. Afolabi Omotesho, said the concert was put together to praise God in different languages through music and celebrate Christ’s birth.

He said: “We run a vibrant music department handled by well-qualified professionals. Students and pupils are trained to sing right, play musical instruments and compose their own songs. The school has a steel band and orchestra academy team. At our school, every child has at least one instrument. We have decided to use this medium show our appreciation by way of singing and playing instruments.”

At the concert, children took turns to make their presentations. The children sang in French, German, English as well in Yoruba and other Nigerian languages.




  1. Olawoyin Samson A. says:

    Very Good.

  2. Olawoyin Samson A. says:

    Very Good.

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