At our Preschool we lay emphasis on development and creativity of the children in our care. Our preschoolers are expected to understand the use of spoken words and express themselves well through various speaking and listening activities. At the end of preschool, our preschoolers are able to Read and writing short stories through the successive foundation programs we offer. We believe that our children discovering and exploring their interests through our creative activities and programs is the best way to encourage their participation. Our enthusiastic early years practitioners support our children as they learn and develop through play activities.

The environment for learning for us, is creative, stimulating, and fun as we work together with our families and our community.

Children are divided into different classes according to their age groups ranging from Play group to Nursery 2.

Our activities are centered on a general theme such as Aquatic world, Farm animals, etc. with projects and activities initiated by the children's interests. Parents are encouraged to bring in items to share and display at school during group activities.

Our daily activities may vary to accommodate our outings and visits. Parents would be notified of any changes. These activities are centered on:

  • Playing and Exploring to Engage the children in Learning.
  • Active learning to motivate the children that learning for us is FUN.
  • Creative and critical thinking to help the children's thinking ability.

Our Core subject areas:

  • Understanding the Local community and the World
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive Arts and Design
  • Language - Yoruba, French
  • Handwriting

School activities for 2017/2018 Session

  • Field trip
  • Public speaking day
  • Read to us Day
  • Charity Day
  • Savers Day