Primary School


Please see our school policies attached to your admission form.

  • Mobile phones and other Electronic gadgets are not allowed in the school.
  • Toys are not allowed to the school as this might pose a distraction to your child.
  • Accessory Jewelry is uncomfortable for our children and we do not allow it to school. We encourage your child to wear moderate stud or clip earrings to school.
  • Suitable foot wear for sports and school days should be comfortable and worn at all times
  • Hair extensions are not allowed and we encourage every child to wear neat hairstyles to school at all times
  • School uniforms except those purchased from the school shop are NOT allowed

We run the intervention programme for children struggling academically as well as for new pupils who may be unable to meet our academic criteria. This is to give every child the opportunity to compete favourably and helps to bring them to class level as quickly as possible.

School Therapists: We have in-house therapists who work with children with special learning difficulties and behavioral challenges. Please feel free to visit the school office for any concerns and our therapists will be happy to speak with you.