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Timeless character virtues erected on the pillars of industry, respect, self-esteem, and self-awareness!

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Primary School

Ifeyinwa Gideon

Head Of School

Daniel Okoronkwo

Daniel Okonkwo

Primary School Supervisor


Our curriculum is the Nigerian primary curriculum, and a blend of the British curriculum--Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP). Equally, we provide thematic teaching and learning for our primary pupils. In the nursery section, we offer a blend of Montessori and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) learning.

Advised by the need to realize a compelling vision and the idea that a vision however compelling, is not enough, we adopt an array of teaching methodologies to deliver transforming value to our learners to make them discover self, develop self, and deliver to others. The inspiration for us is to guide them to live purpose. It is interesting to state that many pupils and students of Queensland are aware of what they really want from life. The reason is simple: Self-awareness is one key that is ignited through our learning programmes and methods so that self-confidence, self-control, and service to others are key elements that a Queensland education delivers. Apart from the early years, teaching and learning has long gone away from being teacher-centred. Every child, however little, is allowed to express him/herself as nature permits. This is how nurturance is best served. The Queensland student-centred learning practice is the secret behind the audacious global wins we record in different categories, whether cognitive or otherwise. Infusing the Montessori method has greatly helped our 3D Learning Model of discovery, development, and delivery through service. As noted, there is hardly a Queensland child who does not have an idea of where he/she is headed. Our 21st learning strategies see us building the competencies of our children through inquiry-based learning, flipped classroom, cooperative and project based learning, a personalized education which allows us effectively focus on each child. Depending on the class, child, and topic, these methodologies are all practised at Queensland Academy in an atmosphere that promotes critical thinking, problem solving, curiosity, independence and interdependence, imagination, and high level of emotional intelligence through critical engagement. Our Mentorship programme and great class size ratio of 15 to 1 makes it all possible because they provide an avenue to help us focus on each learner, and meeting each learner’s needs according to natural inclination in an atmosphere of balanced discipline. This is the kernel of Queensland transformational tutelage/education.


Our facilities include:

• A well-stocked library

• A fully equipped science laboratory

• An art studio

• A music studio

• Language room

• An ICT laboratory

• Swimming pool

• Home Economics lab

• Recreational facilities such as a playground

• Basket ball court and

• Fully air-conditioned and ICT enabled classrooms.

• Audio-visual classrooms

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