Timeless character virtues erected on the pillars of industry, respect, self-esteem, and self-awareness!

Secondary School


Folakemi Okunoren

Supervising Director

Mekail Akande

Academic Supervisor


Willie Friday

Assistant Academic Supervisor


The entire thrust of the Queensland education is to discover, develop, mould, fix, and transform the minds of its learners. From the early years through to the secondary, learners are provided strong learning interventions that aim to help them situate and make a difference in the human development and value space. This is the purpose behind our array of learning support programmes--mentoring interventions, internships, travel education, entrepreneurial and array of strong co-curricular offerings aimed at infusing mental toughness and the culture to thrive against all odds through constant toning of our learners mental muscles. The purpose is to spark creativity in learners and move them on to the attainment of innovation through the execution of same ideas. We guide our learners to embrace processes because we realise that the world of yesterday is different from the world of today, and we have a certainty that we can predict and create the world of tomorrow, though uncertain, from what we see today. Our education is skills based: entrepreneurship, creativity, persuasion, negotiation, collaboration, adaptability, time/activity management, networking, organisation/management of programmes, events, resources, emotional intelligence/management, service mentality/delivery, critical thinking, complex solving skills, culinary skills, decision making, public speaking, and leadership. This is the why behind our compact curriculum. Every aspect of our programmes from the classroom to outside the classroom, curricular, co-curricular and hidden curriculum emphasizes skills based education and learning. The result is the quality of the alumni we have. Every child goes through a practical transition, which equips them to play effectively through service in their space. Though the process is tough the impact is tremendous. It is the audacity of hope built through faith in works.


-5 Finalists at the 2022 World Stem Olympiad Competition – [Top in the world for ICT]
-Finalists at the 2022 World Mathletics Competition
-Top results in the world in Cambridge IGCSE 2017
-Nigeria’s Youngest Centenary Awardee in 2014 presented by His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan
-2020 Inspire scholarship -3 students selected for part funded scholarships
-African Leadership Academy scholarships 2008 to date
-United World Colleges Scholarships 2018 to date
-Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in Africa 2010.
-CNN Africa Freedom Day Feature (Project for Art and Modern Day Slavery), 2017
-David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the year United Kingdom, 2012 -Winner, Fide Chess World Championship Dubai 2010
-Ambassador, National Model United Nations New York
-Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2010-Date
-The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Programme (International Award for Young People)
-3rd Place Elizade Mathematics Competition, 2022

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