Homework at our school is activity based and hands-on learning. Therefore, it is a very important tool in assessing your child’s level of understanding taught topics. Encouraging your child with homework is playing a positive role in complementing and supporting our work at the school in educating your child.

Homework is very important to us. For pupils who fail to do homework, they are placed in after school homework detention at a FEE where they must finish off homework not done for the day before going home. Parents whose children fall in this category will be notified earlier in the day to stay back until their child is done with completing homework.


We run a blended curriculum which consists of an international content and the four core subjects: Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT and with other foundational subjects including Music and Creative Arts as well as French Language and Reasoning.All core subjects at Queensland are based on the International Cambridge curriculum. All subjects are taught using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based approach and all school work is activity based learning.

From the pre-school, our children are able to improve on their creativity and imaginative skills by exposing them to STEM BASED learning approach which is not limiting to the career paths they choose to pursue.


Our school hours are from: 7:40am - 1pm for the Nursery school 7:40 - 2:30pm for the Primary school. We encourage parents to always be on time to drop off their children at school. In case, you need to drop off your child earlier than resumption time, our teachers are always available to cater for your child from as early as 6:30am.

Late pick up after school is not encouraged and Parents should endeavor to pick their children on time to enable them enough time after school to rest, do homework and study.

ABSENCE FROM SCHOOL: Should your child be absent from school please notify us by calling the school office numbers.